Welcome to Chicks for Cheep

We are a small backyard hatchery located in Elgin,Texas, in the Austin area. We now have several breeds available for local pick up and shipping within Texas.                                                                       *We are currently gearing up for the 2016 chick season. Available chick dates coming soon.*

Standard Chicks:

Rhode Island RedsSt. Run: 1-24: $2.10 each  25-49: $1.95 each  50+: $1.90 each *hatch date:2/19

Buff Orpingtons: St. Run: 1-24: $2.10 each  25-49: $1.95 each  50+: $1.90 each  *hatch date: TBA

Dominiques St. Run: 1-24: $2.30 each  25-49: $2.15 each  *hatch date: TBA  

Ameraucanas: St. Run: 1-24: $2.50 each  25-50: $2.35 each *hatch date: TBA

Olive Eggers: St. run: $5.00 each  (limited numbers) *hatch date: TBA

Mixed breed chicks: St. Run: 1-49: $1.25 each 50-249: $1.00  250-499: $.85 each 500+: $.70 each  (when available, will be mixes of dual purpose breeds) *hatch date:2/19

Rare Breeds:

Reese Crème Legbars: Pairs: $20 per pair *hatch date:2/19

Wheatan Sumtalers: St. Run: $25 each *hatch date:2/19

Swedish Flower Hens: St. Run: $15 each *hatch date:2/19

Altsteirers: St. Run: $25 each *hatch date:2/19

Pavlovskayas: St. Run: $90 each *hatch date:2/19

Bantam Chicks:

Assorted colored Silkies: St. Run 1-24 St: $6 each  25+: $5.00 each*hatch date 2/19

Buff Cochins: St. Run: 1-25: $3.50 each (only small #'s available)*hatch date:2/19


Mixed breed: Females: $5.00 each  10+: $4 each  Males: $3.00 each 10+: $2.35 each *hatch date:2/26


Assorted Colors: St. Run 1-24: $4 each 25-50: $3.80 each  Available in March or April

Your order must total at least $15 for local pickup. If you want your order shipped there is a 25 chick minimum. Shipping costs are a $15 flat rate within the state of Texas for orders of 25-49, plus a $5 box and handling fee ($20 total). For orders of 50-100 there is a flat fee of $20 plus$5 box and handling fee ($25 total). Please ask about shipping for larger orders or other states. Payment is required at time of order. Orders are first come, first serve. Website will be updated with next available hatch dates as current dates fill up. More breeds may be available shorty.

 You can contact us at: chicksforcheep@yahoo.com





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